Top 10 Best Vacuum For Pet Hair – Get Rid Of Dog Hair and Cat Hair

Is there anyone who doesn’t love pets? Nowadays they have become the best companions and has never failed to bring the happiness in our face.

Even though we love them a lot, one of the biggest problem every pet owner’s face is about clearing out their hair, as they quickly stuck into carpets, furniture, floors, etc. Normally everyone uses a normal vacuum for keeping their home clean from dirt and other dust particles.

Top 10 Best Vacuum For Pet Hair - Get Rid Of Dog Hair and Cat Hair

While taking pet’s hair, especially cats, and dog hair, they get sticky, and a regular or standardized vacuum will not have much suction to clean out their hairs. You need a Special Vacuum for the pet’s hair removal process.

Today in this guide you are going to look for the complete details regarding a Vacuum for cleaning your pet’s hair, things to consider, types of vacuum available especially for the hair removal and much more in brief.

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Best Vacuum for Pet Hair Removal Buying Guide

Reading our guide will provide you a crystal clear cut idea regarding choosing the right type of vacuum for clearing out your pet’s hair easily.

Standard Vacuum Vs Specialized Vacuum for Pet Hair

So many of us have tried to remove the pet’s hair from the floor, upholstery fiber, carpet or any furniture with the help of a normal or a standardized vacuum but you might have failed in clearing out the hairs.

While you take a standard vacuum they comes with a hose mechanism, and you can see a two-part brush fitted along the side, this is the reason why you are not able to clear out the pet’s hair.

Specialized vacuum cleaners for pet hair is associated with a silicone brush which is capable of sucking the pet’s hair easily, and they come with special attachments and modified designs for easy sucking.

The another reason why the specialized vacuum is best for removing pet hair is the powerful suction they enable, along it with the filtration system with advanced features also help in removing the dander and thus clearing out the pet hair is made simple.

Types of Vacuum for Pet Hair

There are three different types of vacuum for pet hair namely Upright Vacuum, Canister Vacuum and Handheld Vacuum for pet hair removal process.

Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The most efficient and popular vacuum cleaner with multi-purpose functionalities, they are well designed for the deep suction, penetration and helps in clearing out the dirt and pet hair successfully within seconds.

The upright vacuum cleaner has a single wheeled unit, which helps in easy maneuvering and propelling the hair across any place such as the hard floor, carpet, furniture, etc.

What is the best upright vacuum for pet hair?

The vacuum cleaner contains a powerful motor for propelling any type of hair removals quickly, the extendable hose for clearing out vast spaces, dust bag or a bin that can hold large collection of items, beater (brush) bar for cleaning out any hard dirts and hair, multiple functionality for performing various activities at single time along any surface.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

This is one of the effective cleaners for clearing out the pet’s hair and other dirt at a smaller area of spaces like furniture, car, etc.

What is the best Handheld Vacuum for pet hair?

The lightweight feature enables the vacuum cleaner to take the product from one area to another easily and also usually cordless. Smaller in size and therefore helps in clearing out the smaller particles easily. The bagless with multiple functionalities and specialties helps to extract your pet hair from any harder surface within a specific area.

Canister Vacuum Cleaner

This is the mid type of vacuum cleaner between upright and handheld. As said earlier upright is huge in size whereas handheld vacuum cleaners are smaller in size, the canister stands between these two vacuum cleaners. Light in weight and best for clearing out the pet hair in hardwood floors.

What is the best Canister Vacuum for pet hair?

Canister vacuum contains a canister, a long hose for clearing a vast area of space, the motor for deep sucking, dust bag or cup for collecting the hair and dust particles. The capacity of the vacuum differs based on the options and price. Best for clearing vertical surfaces such as stairs, curtains, etc.

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How to choose the best Vacuum for Pet Hair ?

Choosing a vacuum for clearing your pet hair is tricky, you need to double check much time before purchasing a vacuum for your home, apart from that you are going to spend more for a product, so carefully consider the functions and other factors before grabbing a vacuum for clearing out the pet hair.

Before you are going to make the vacuum your own, ask these questions to yourself for getting the perfect and right type of vacuum as per your need.

How small or big your home is?

If you are having a smaller house or the space you are going to cover the vacuum is small, then you need to go for the smaller size vacuums, whereas if your home space is large or you are going to vacuum the hair for a vast space, then you need to grab the large sized vacuum which is capable of clearing the pet hair, dust particles within a huge area rapidly.

So for a small house, you can go with handheld whereas for the bigger house you can choose an upright vacuum cleaners

What type of area or place are you going to vacuum?

All will have different types of surfaces and floors at their homes, you need to know what type of area you are going to vacuum namely carpets, car, furniture, hardwood floors, upholstery fabrics, etc. to choose the right type of vacuum cleaner as each of the vacuum cleaner types will suits various surfaces.

What type of vacuum cleaner are you going to adapt?

From the three different types, know on which type you are interested in, before a few years ago, people used only upright vacuum for pet hair, but the three types are also developed with advanced functionalities and are capable of clearing out the pet hair with ease.

When to adapt to Upright Vacuum Cleaners

  1. If you have a larger home
  2. Having back problems? Then try this vacuum cleaner as the help in maintaining a good posture while clearing out.
  3. For Deep Cleaning
  4. To remove the pet’s sheddings

When to opt for Canister Vacuums?

  1. For Smaller Home
  2. If you prefer to go with light weight vacuum cleaners
  3. For reaching out vertical places like curtains, staircases, furniture and cars easily.
  4. This brilliant compromise between the handheld vacuum convenience and power of an upright vacuum cleaner.

When to adapt Handheld Vacuums?

  1. For limited space cleaning
  2. For reaching smaller places, curtains, car, etc
  3. For easy portability
  4. For convenience.

Check whether the vacuum comes with the following accessories and attachments

Few accessories and attachments will help you to clear out the pet hair easily, check whether the vacuum cleaner comes with upholstery tool, Dusting tool, Crevice tool, Extension tool, Brush tool, hardwood floor brush tool, beater bar brush, blind tool, ceiling fan tool, mattress tool, power nozzle, motorized brush head tool, power brush etc.

Check for the model of Vacuum for Pet Hair

Know the model is bagged or bagless, at present bagless are preferred by most of the people as they are easy to clear out the dust particles and no need of replacement bags with you.

Bagless model are transparent, you can look the dirt you have collected in the vacuum cleaner, and this will require more cleaning methods to clear out the dirt.

Preferring Corded or Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Cordless models have high suction power as there is no battery inside and therefore it leaves more space for the motor, and thus connected with the main; this is the reason for the high suction power. Prefer this for a large home or if you have more pets in your home.

Cordless models are the ones who need to shift the vacuum from one place to another with more convenience. They look smaller than corded models and therefore best for smaller home or space.

Other Important features to consider

Apart from the above specialties you need to also look for your budget, the weight of the vacuum, how much capacity the vacuum can hold, the length of the hose to move the vacuum, Manoeuvrability, Warranty, Durability, HEPA Anti-allergen filtration, and Performance.

Best Picks of Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair

Choosing the right type of vacuum cleaner based on the above characteristics, types and other functionalities is tedious as you can find hundreds and thousands of models and brands of Vacuum cleaners for Pet Hair. To make your work easier, here are the top picks of vacuum cleaner based on the customer’s rating, reviews, performance, quality, and durability.

One pass Corded Vacuum for Pet Hair from Bissell

Bissell, one of the popular manufacturer of developing home, office, indoor and outdoor products are ranking first in our product list. The one pass technology that helps in the greater suction and also with the multiple brush design top the product.

The multi-cyclonic system in the vacuum is the reason for the greater suction and also separates the dirt, debris and pet hair and keeps your home look clean. The Dust bag that is indulged in the vacuum helps in emptying the dirt while cleaning itself.

The vacuum cleaner is light in weight, and therefore you can push the vacuum easily from one place to another, you can also carry the vacuum without any force or power. The crevice tools help in removing the pet hair, debris and dirt from any nook and corner and at any vertical surfaces like furniture, car, curtain, etc.

The turbo brush tool helps in rotating the brush to collect the dirt, pet hair, debris on any hard surface or interiors. The extension wand is used for capturing the pet’s hair with the help of low and high, with the help of this you can also clean the dust particles in the ceiling fans, baseboard without any strains.

The dusting brush help to brush the hair away from upholstery, curtains, lamp shades, etc. easily. The size of the vacuum for pet hair is available with a size dimension of 12.5X13.5 X 44 inches and they weigh just 7 pounds.

One pass Corded Vacuum for Pet Hair from Bissell

Our #1 Pick:BISSELL Vacuum

Special Feature:

The crevice tools help in removing the pet hair.

Key features:

+ cyclonic system,

+ washable foam tank.


+ 5 styles available,

+ long lasting.

Professional Vacuum for Pet Hair from Shark Ninja

Are you looking for an efficient vacuum for your home to clear out your pet’s hair with ease? Then try out the Shark Ninja’s Professional Vacuum pet hair, and this ranks second in our best products list.

The lift away option enables you to press a button for lifting the canister away and thus clearing out the pet hair at vertical spaces and difficult areas would also be easy. As this is a 2 in 1 vacuum, the upright and lift away helps in portability and the cleaning is made with ease.

The microfiber pads that is washable along with the hard floor dust away attachments helps in picking the hair easily from nook and corner at your home. The HEPA filtration with the anti-allergen seal technology helps in trapping the 99.9% of the hair, dust, allergies in the vacuum.

One of the powerful vacuum cleaner that weighs about 13.7 pounds for easy portability and versatility. You will also be provided with the dusting brush, bonus crevice tool and 5.5 inches crevice tool as extra accessories with the product.

Professional Vacuum for Pet Hair from Shark Ninja

Our #2 Pick: SharkNinja Vacuum

Special Feature:

This vacuum has anti-allergen seal technology.

Key features:

+ Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology,

+ HEPA filter.


+ portable,

+ light weight.


+ Clogged brush.

Corded Upright Vacuum for Pet Hair from Hoover

Hoover, one of the leading manufacturer of pets, home, indoor and outdoor products has designed this vacuum with some extra function for larger home space, and this ranks third in our product list.

There are three main colors available namely blue, red and cobalt blue. The upright vacuum cleaner weighs about 18 pounds and therefore easy to carry within your home. They come with a height adjustment up to 5 positions so you can adjust and clear out your pet hair in all type of flooring easily and effectively.

There is a folding handle to hold the vacuum cleaner for easy carrying, and this is ideal for small spaces at your home storage. The 25 cord is helpful for clearing this pet hair even in deeper materials. There is an air powered hand tool for disposing of the hair of your pet form carpet, floors, upholstery and more.

The 12-inch extension wands and the crevice tool provided with the products help at the tight spots. They are available with a dimension of 16X12X32.5 inches. The price of the product is affordable.

Corded Upright Vacuum for Pet Hair from Hoover

Our #3 Pick:Hoover Vacuum

Special Feature:

There is an air powered hand tool for disposing of the hair.

Key features:

+ 5 position adjustment,

+ include air powered handle tool.


+ foldable handle,

+ easy to wash.


+ Need to empty the bin often.

Cordless Handheld Vacuum for Pet Hair from Black+Decker

The Black+decker has been topping in the market for their innovations, quality and designs used in powerful tools, accessories, indoor and outdoor equipment, home furnishing and cleaning products ranks fourth in our best picks.

The vacuum cleaner can hold the charge up to 18 months, and therefore you can use the product effectively, only less blending with the on-board extension is another positive of the product. The reason behind the longer life of the battery is the lithium ion.

Light weight and the smart technology in charging uses 50 percent less energy; the cyclonic action helps in keeping the filter in the vacuum clean and strong, the bagless model helps to empty the dirt, pet hair with ease. The slim nozzle that is rotating is used for various applications, and they can be removed for washing.

The manufacturer is providing two years warranty, and therefore you can get the product with much trust while considering the price of the product there are less when compared to the other product picks.

Cordless Handheld Vacuum for Pet Hair from Black+Decker

Our #4 Pick:BLACK + DECKER Vacuum

Special Feature:

Cyclonic action helps in keeping the filter in the vacuum clean.

Key features:

+ smart charge technology,

+ translucent bagless dirt bowl.


+ rotating slim nozzle,

+ light weight.


+ Need frequent battery change.

Corded Upright Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair from VonHaus

The VonHaus, one of the efficient manufacturer of producing quality and durable indoor and outdoor products ranks fifth in our product list, they have designed this corded upright vacuum cleaner for larger homes and easy clearing of pet’s hair, debris, and dirt.

The vacuum cleaner stick with 600 watts along with 130 air watts for deeper suction of hair at any nook and corners of your home, you can use this at full length as well as without using the extension tube, and best for cleaning using handheld mechanism too.

The HEPA filtration helps in locking any dust particles like your pet hair, small particles to get attached to the vacuum and this prevents from allergies, virus, and bacteria. This would be perfect for vertical and difficult cases like hardwood floors, furniture, car, carpet, etc.

The power cord is of 19.5 ft, and the additional accessories available with the product is small brush, crevice tool, hose adapter and shoulder strap.

Corded Upright Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair from VonHaus

Our #5 Pick:VonHaus Vacuum

Special Feature:

It has 130 air watts deeper suction.

Key features:

+ 600W stick cleaner,

+ 1.2-L dust capacity.


+ high suction power,

+ sponge filtration.


+ Chance for sctaches in wooden floor.

Upright Vacuum for Pet Hair from Oreck Commercial

One of the best vacuum cleaner for large sized homes ranks sixth in our product list, manufactured by Oreck Commercial. The cleaning path that is 12 inch wide helps to clear out the pet hairs, low pile carpets than the normal vacuum cleaners and this takes less space for storage.

The handle helps to accommodate the vacuum cleaner from one place to another, the on and off switch that is present in the handgrip is provided for the convenience of the users. The floor adjustment is made automatic for the vacuum cleaner to move between the hard surfaces, curtain, carpets etc. , this can be possible without changing to manual setting itself.

The product measures about 6 inches in height, 13 inches in width and 35 inches in diameter and the weight of the product is just 8.2 pounds, and therefore you can move the vacuum from one place to another easily.

Upright Vacuum for Pet Hair from Oreck Commercial

Our #6 Pick:Oreck Commercial Vacuum

Special Feature:

It has automatic floor adjustment.

Key features:

+ 12-inch-wide cleaning path,

+ on/off switch.


+ balanced brush roll,

+ less space for storage.


+ Overheated.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair from ILIFE

ILIFE, a famous manufacturer of home furnishing, indoor, office and outdoor products ranks seventh in our best pick list. They have developed this vacuum cleaner especially for clearing out the pet hair.

You will be able to carry multiple activities like vacuuming, mopping, sweeping, etc. at one time, the hair care technology helps the vacuum to point out the thin pet hairs, smaller particles, dirt, and debris.

The design that is low profile helps to clear out the hair under beds, sofa and other difficult vertical places like curtains, stairs, etc., they comes with a self-charging mechanism and can be programmable, there are smart sensors for anti-bump and also you can easily avoid dropping with the help of this mechanism used.

This would be perfect for hard floor, carpets, stairs, cars, furniture, etc. and the product comes with a remote control so the operation can be executed easily.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair from ILIFE

Our #7 Pick:ILIFE Vacuum

Special Feature:

This vacuum has self-charging mechanism.

Key features:

+ self charging technology,

+ smart sensors for anti-bump.


+ free of dropping,

+ suit wood floor also.


+ Take a while to clean.

Canister Vacuum for Pet Hair from Eureka

Eureka, all might have heard of this popular manufacturer, they have designed these vacuum for clearing out the pet hair, smaller particles, dirt, and debris in an easy way, this ranks eighth in our best product list.

The canister vacuum comes with the pet attachments for clearing your pet’s hair and another shedding etc. in an easy way. HEPA filtration helps in clearing out 99.97 percent of dirt, dust and pet dander and provides a clear and healthy home.

The arm and hammer odor helps in eliminating the dust bag and also captures the allergies that are caused by the pet dander. The additional accessories available with the products are 2o foot cord, crevice tool, and telescoping wand.

They are available in the size dimension of 9X17.5 X 11.3 inches, they weigh just 9 pounds, and therefore you can easily shift the vacuum from one place to another. The manufacturer offers one month warranty while considering the price, they are less when compared to other products.

Canister Vacuum for Pet Hair from Eureka

Our #8 Pick:Eureka Vacuum

Special Feature:

Their light weight makes this vacuum portable to anywhere.

Key features:

+ 20-foot cord length,

+ HEPA filter.


+ easy to handle,

+ odor free.


+ Bad at low-nap carpeting.

Cord-Free Vacuum for Pet Hair from Dyson

Dyson, one of the powers and innovative manufacturer of indoor, home and outdoor products ranks ninth in our product list, has developed the product with advanced functionalities and techniques.

The product includes brush bar that has 150 % power when compared to a normal vacuum cleaner, they are cordless and therefore can be used for any materials and surfaces and hassle free. They enable continuous powerful suction for up to 20 minutes which is high.

The trigger provided at the hand grip helps in activating the vacuum instantly and also have the battery power for the efficient cleaning. The tool named mini motor helps in removing your pet’s hair with ease.

The vacuum is available in the size dimension of 9.8X8.7X46.4 inches, and they weigh just about 5 pounds that ensure the portability, the price of the vacuum for pet hair is high but worth the money you invest on these vacuum cleaner.

Cord-Free Vacuum for Pet Hair from Dyson

Our #9 Pick:Dyson Vacuum

Special Feature:

It has power about 150% that other vacuum cleaners.

Key features:

+ brush bar power,

+ chemical free.


+ battery power only for cleaning,

+ 20 minutes of continuous suction.


+ Expensive.

Robotic Vacuum for Pet Hair from Ecovacs

Are you in need of an efficient and powerful vacuum cleaner with high suction? Then adapt to Ecovacs robotic vacuum without any chaos. This ranks tenth in the best picks of vacuum for pet hair.

They are tangle free, and the powerful suction in the vacuum cleaner helps to clear out the Pet’s hair, debris, dust particles from any hard surfaces, curtains, stairs, etc. with ease. The long lasting battery enables you to hold the suction up to 110 minutes which is high.

There are multiple cleaning methods namely Automatic, Edge and spot along with a mopping system, which enables you to sweep and vacuum your floors at the same time effectively. The infrared sensors in the vacuum cleaner enable you to shift to any surfaces and furniture.

The vacuum cleaner comes with a dimension of 13.9X13.9 X 3.3 inches and weighs about 9.7 pounds which ensure portability, the price of the product is affordable, and the manufacturer provides one year warranty for the vacuum cleaner.

Robotic Vacuum for Pet Hair from Ecovacs

Our #10 Pick:ECOVACS Vacuum

Special Feature:

Multiple cleaning methods named Automatic, Edge, and spot.

Key features:

+ three cleaning mode,

+ dual pistons.


+ automatic docking,

+ automatic charging.


+ Not well at wet floor.

Final Thoughts

Hope the above guide on choosing the best Vacuum for Pet Hair would help you to choose the right type and characteristics of vacuum pet hair for your home, keep your home clean and hygienic by adapting to some of the best picks here and stay away from the allergies, bacterias, and viruses.

What type of vacuum cleaner are you using at your home for clearing out the pet’s hair?

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