Dyson V6 best cordless vacuumm cleaner for hard floors

Dyson has been the trusted home cleaning solution provider for a long time. They actually have made much improvement in the home cleaning scenario than most other brands. Their products are always warmly greeted by millions. One of the best in line production is the Dyson V6 cordless vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors. This is a powerful yet compact vacuum cleaner capable of performing cleaning duties comparable to that of uprights with the additional advantage of being handy.

Dyson V6 Cordless Vacuum reviews

Dyson v6 cordless vacuum reviews from real-time users reflect the efficiency of the device and the below review of the same will provide more information helping a buyer decide if this suits him / her. You can use this to clean high traffic carpet and hardwood areas or stairs. It uses the older motorized brush so do not expect as much agitation. If you don’t find the need for the mini motorized brush or the crevice tool, this is a great deal.

Lightweight, weighing only 5 pounds and easily maneuverable.
The wand can be detached and the device can be transformed into powerful handheld vacuum cleaner.
The motorized brush provided does a very good job in cleaning carpets and rugs.
It can efficiently remove pet hairs.
Operates for long time with a single charge and also charges fast.
Dirt chamber is easy to empty and completely washable.
Low maintenance and easily available spare parts.
Some users felt that standard mode suction is less than needed but the power mode works fine.
The motorized head needs maintenance after heavy cleaning duties.


People are inclined towards buying cordless vacuums because of the fact that they are handy and easy to deploy in demanding situations. The dyson V6 cordless just weighs around an astonishing 5 pounds. The build of the body makes sure that the weight distribution is towards the hand which makes it feel more comfortable. With the hose attached, one can easily reach underneath low clearance furniture, access behind wall attachments and even towards ceiling. This makes the v6 a versatile device.

The V6 cordless is powered by dyson digital motor. Dyson digital motor is claimed to have a higher RPM (110,000) which generates powerful suction. The V6 motor also consumes less power and has two modes of operation. The standard mode operates with a lesser suction capacity which conserves battery but is very efficient for cleaning jobs such as floor and other similar surface cleaning. The power mode sets the RPM to high and increases the suction power many folds. This is perfect for deep cleaning of carpets and rugs. The power mode consumes more battery but gives a very powerful cleaning.

The wand supplied can be detached from the main body. This is a smart move by Dyson. People want cordless vacuums for small cleaning purposes and having a cordless vacuum which can transfer itself to a handheld vacuum cleaner is more than one can ask for. This means users of v6 not only can deploy a cordless vacuum cleaner with power of an upright vacuum, but also a handheld vacuum of similar power. Detaching the wand lets people perform cleaning jobs on stair edges, car interiors and most places even a standard cordless stick vacuum cannot reach.

Dyson V6 Cordless Vacuum ReviewThis vacuum cleaner applies two tier cyclonic technologies. In this system, 15 individual cyclones are arranged in 2 separate tiers. This increases the airflow around the filter at very high speeds. The high speeds and the developing centrifugal force compel the separation of dirt and debris no matter how small. This helps in keeping the filter clean while dust accumulates in the supplied dirt chamber. This technology is also directly related to the fade free suction power provided as the filters are not choked by dirt after prolonged usage, as in case of standard vacuum.

This device is powered by a lithium ion battery. Lithium ion batteries are well known for providing constant supply of fade free power until they run low and stop all together. This is the reason lithium ion batteries are commonly found in use in case of electronics. The power provided by the in-built lithium ion battery lasts quite long. Dyson claims that one charge can last a full 20 minutes of usage without any compromise. Also, the charging of the batteries by the supplied charger is fast enough. Hence one can perform cleaning duties faster and after shorter breaks, if the device runs out of power when cleaning.


Q) Can the vacuum be left in the charging dock?

A) It is completely ok to leave the vacuum attached to the charging dock even after it finishes charging.

Q) Can the brush roll be turned off in the motorized tool?

A) No, the brush roll cannot be turned off, but since it has soft bristles, this won’t scratch hardwood floors.

Q) What are the vacuuming times in different modes?

A) Vacuuming time in standard mode is 17-20 minutes, in power mode it is around 6 minutes.

Q) How long does the battery last on a Dyson v6?

A) The Absolute is cordless. It takes between three and four hours to charge and lasts for about 20 minutes of cleaning time. There’s a “Max” button that delivers an extra oomph of power, but if you leave it on all the time, the battery drains in about six minutes

Looking from the performance and usage perspective this device is best suited for people needing a secondary vacuum cleaner to efficiently keep up with constant cleaning duties. Being able to transform itself to a powerful handheld vacuum is a great advantage this device has over others in the market. Though it is priced a bit higher than entry level cleaning appliances, still looking at the feature list, one can be sure that the investment is worth it. Dyson v6 cordless vacuum reviews have been positive for a reason. And the reason is: this device delivers what it promises. Follow you Dyson V6 Cordless Vacuum is best vacuum cleaner for harwood?

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